• Practical Solutions…

    Our clients, represent a cross-section of industries, and rely on WisdomTech for many different Technology services. Their requirements…. are the same: technology must support their business and operate reliably.

    WisdomTech is dedicated to delivering superior, enduring solutions that are the best match between people, business and technology —implemented by the best Consultants in the industry.


    Practical Solutions…
  • Tangible Results…

    Most companies today rely heavily on technology to keep their businesses running.

    WisdomTech Consulting ensures that technology drives your business success.  We understand your business and we understand technology.  Combined, our knowledge enables us to customize and deliver sound, strategic IT solutions that function as part of our clients’ long-term business strategy.

    Tangible Results…

Comprehensive IT Services. Broad expertise. Experienced Leadership.  WisdomTech expands your IT capabilities and resources dramatically and ensures that technology works for you.


Project Management

WisdomTech Consulting has learned through years of experience that there are certain attributes to project management that are uniquely based on each clients’ business model, industry and workflow. Our work with companies just like yours enables us to manage your technology projects in a manner that achieves the greatest results.

We follow a systematic approach to make certain we are combining the best of our expertise, your knowledge, the workflows of your organization and your business objectives.

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ERP Systems Implementation

Have you been tasked with integrating all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system while still delivering data unique to each function in a timely manner? Let’s talk.

Our clients rely on us to analyze, manage, develop and implement critical, cross-functional projects including Enterprise System Conversions and Integrations, Database Architecture and Data Warehousing and Business Process Re-Engineering.

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IT Strategy / Planning

Are you concerned with your technology plan or lack of one? Do you have a need to schedule and plan your technology expenditures and tie them to your business goals / objectives? WisdomTech can help your company establish a technology strategy that provides you with a roadmap to align technology and business goals / objectives.  Our technology consultants will work closely with you to develop a strategy that meets your technology needs and goals.

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Systems Implementations

Your business goals are unique. And sometimes, that means that your development needs are too.  You can rely on WisdomTech for solid, custom development solutions designed to enhance and expand your existing capabilities, integrate your environment, and grow with your business.

WisdomTech’s Business Application Development Team is composed of  experienced professionals to help you plan, implement, and maintain high-quality, custom development projects successfully.

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