WisdomTech Consulting services help you balance your IT resources with the challenging workload demands imposed by a changing marketplace. Our team of highly skilled IT professionals extends your own staff to keep your technology moving forward. By providing these resources when and for as long as you need them, WisdomTech gives you the agility you need to succeed in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

Program / Project Management (PMO)

Your company is about to launch a project or initiative. You know you have the talent within your staff to complete the project. But perhaps what you lack is a point person with the leadership skills to make it happen—on time, within budget, and according to strategy. If you’re in this situation—or if you’re mid-project and need to get a project back on track—WisdomTech’s Program and Project Management practice is your… Learn More →

ERP Systems Implementations

Have you been tasked with integrating all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system while still delivering data unique to each function in a timely manner? Let’s talk. Our clients rely on us to analyze, manage, develop and implement critical, cross-functional projects including Enterprise System Conversions and Integrations, Database Architecture and Data Warehousing and Business Process Re-Engineering… Learn More →

IT Strategy & Assessment Services

At WisdomTech, we are different because we not only help organizations develop comprehensive business IT strategies, but we also help organizations seamlessly execute their strategies for results. From strategy development to business strategy execution; Explore our broad range of Business IT Strategy & Execution solutions below to learn more about how WisdomTech can help you achieve your goals… Learn More →

System Implementations

At WisdomTech, it has been our experience that, System implementation efforts offer extraordinary challenges to information technology professionals and the organizations impacted by the implementations. A successful implementation can reap vast rewards in organizational strengths and efficiencies. A failure can drain an organization of people, funds and vitality. Consequently, many people have puzzled over the reasons for the successes and failures experienced with these implementations… Learn More →