Program / Project Management (PMO)

Your company is about to launch a project or initiative. You know you have the talent within your staff to complete the project. But perhaps what you lack is a point person with the leadership skills to make it happen—on time, within budget, and according to strategy.

If you’re in this situation—or if you’re mid-project and need to get a project back on track—WisdomTech’s Program and Project Management practice is your immediate solution.

WisdomTech’s Project Managers take a common sense approach to managing projects, whether large or small. They focus on aligning the project plan with your company’s expectations, identifying and managing scope, prioritizing task completion and staffing the project with skilled, experienced professionals.

Our Project Managers also experienced and flexible enough to work according to your methodology and/or industry best practices.  We follow a systematic approach to make certain we are combining the best of our expertise, your knowledge, the workflows of your organization and your business objectives.

  • Expectations: We work with you to clearly define your expectations for the project. This includes desired outcomes, all parties who will be involved in the project, decision-making authority, roles and responsibilities, budgets, frequency of communication, reporting details, milestones, meeting schedules and approval processes. This careful work at the outset of your project removes assumptions and helps us work together to set clear, achievable objectives.
  • Clear, measurable objectives: Based on the expectations that are defined, we work with you to set straightforward, measurable objectives that will be achieved within realistic timeframes. This is very important because you have the benefit of leveraging our 25- plus years of experience working with businesses just like yours to improve your current processes, productivity and profits. Having clear, measurable objectives enables you to understand the full benefits of the projects we undertake on your behalf.
  • Industry Standards: We work with you to make certain the projects we implement on your behalf comply with the standards of your industry. Our experience often helps us identify overlooked areas of compliance for our clients. For instance, when implementing an EHR system, the project must be planned and completed so that the finished technology qualifies for Meaningful Use by the government. Otherwise you cannot receive tens of thousands of dollars in government funds to offset the cost of your project.
  • Technology Assessment: Beyond your industry standards, it is critical for us to confirm the technology you currently have that can be integrated into the project to maximize your investment in that equipment. Therefore, Stemp Systems starts all projects with a thorough Technology Assessment which includes a broad assessment of your existing desktops, notebooks, mobile devices, printers, storage, servers, networking hardware and office phone system throughout your general office and industry-specific software.
  • Project Management: The first four steps above help us be very clear on what you are trying to achieve and the timeframe in which you want to accomplish your objectives. It also allows us to fully explore your needs, recommend solutions and confirm an implementation plan. From this stage, we manage the implementation of your project through testing, deployment, staff training and ongoing support.